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The Charity


Giving others the chance of a well deserved holiday is what we passionately believe in here at the Disability Aid Trust. Through our contributions towards the cost of helpers, we can make sure that severely disabled people around the country can experience a welcome break from routine by taking a holiday that they have so often dreamed about.

Something we have been passionate about since 1981, the International Year of Disabled People; a year when numerous working groups were formed to look at various aspects of living with disability; one of these took a closer look at leisure for the disabled. The group identified that people with disabilities seeking a holiday would need assistance to pay for a helper to go with them. At its inception a Tour Operator and the International Association of Tour Managers assisted with the funding to launch the Trust. DAT became a national registered charity when the original working party members agreed to become trustees.

And we've worked continuously ever since to do precisely that and make a difference to peoples lives.